If you are at the exciting stage of planning to extend your Toronto home with a deck construction, then you might be wondering where to start with the design! So, we’ve asked a designer how they would approach the deck construction project and we share their feedback with you below.

Consider Your Lifestyle Habits

Are you planning a deck construction to accommodate more entertaining of friends, blissful family time, or both? Must the deck incorporate a barbeque, fire pit, swing or swing couch, or other items?

What do you expect to be doing on it for the majority of the time, i.e. sitting and chatting, cooking and/or dining, playing games, lying around reading, or in a hot tub? 

The Deck’s Position

Where would you ideally like the deck to be positioned? Make a note of:

Consider the view from the inside of the house. Is the deck blocking any important viewpoints?

Doing The Sums

Precalculate how much area you think you need for each activity, e.g. barbeque space, hot tub, lounge furniture for reading and napping, etc. You also need sufficient walking space around these items so you don’t bump into corners of furniture.

Also, consider how many people you are expecting on the deck.

Next, work out how much you would like to spend on it and your stretch budget for extra special items you desire.

Deck Design

Decks are generally about 20% of the overall size of the house, but there are decks that are as large as the house. It all depends on the needs and space available.

Create a collage of designs that you like, linking them to the architecture of your home, or it runs the risk of looking incongruent. Then, stick to the theme with all the furniture and accessories, whether you want a contemporary or classic look.  

Do you want a water feature or gas heating? Storage for cushions and barbeque utensils? Umbrella facilities, permanent shade sheets, screens, or a trellis for a wandering creeper?

Lights On Your Deck

Lighting any interior or exterior design is very important. Without good lighting (not harsh), a beautiful design can look quite flat. Use the lighting to create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, combined with some task lighting, especially if you are planning to cook and eat on the deck. 

LED outdoor solar lamps can also be used on tables and the floor.

Decorate And Have Fun

Now it’s time to think of beautiful accessories. There are an abundance of gorgeous outdoor rugs that you can choose from, outdoor fabrics for seating and cushions, as well as curtains, e.g. Tempotest sheer curtain fabric. 

Plan where you will have planters, tables, lamps, candles in hurricane lamps, a sound system, TV and even a sculpture or two. 

Remember to keep within the theme of your home so that the overall look is a congruent whole.

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