E & M Contractors provide all forms of exterior carpentry, including metalwork.

While most of our services are related to exterior carpentry, many of our carpentry services benefit from our metalwork skills.  Our metalwork experience is truly an advantage to our carpentry services.

That being said, our metalwork is not just an add-on service, but a set of skills that provide much-needed services all on its own, providing many practical and aesthetic uses for your home’s exterior.

We specialize in parapet and cap flashing! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at E & M Contractors.

Expert Metalwork; Made To Last

At E & M Contractors, the metalwork we offer is made to last. We ensure that we use the finest quality metals, which are able to withstand the extreme outdoor conditions that we experience here in Canada.

You can be assured that our team has years of experience and will give you the look and quality you need.

Want to find out more about our metalwork services?

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