Depending on the size of your property or outdoor space, you may be limited in the type of deck you can choose to build. In some cases, however, you can let your imagination run wild with all the different types of decks to build. 

You can have your deck attached to your property, added as a feature in the middle of your backyard or even sporting multiple levels. Either way, our experienced deck builders in Toronto will help you build a perfectly suited deck for your backyard!

Let’s take a look at the different decks you can choose from.

Attached Deck

This is the most popular deck type and helps expand your living space while improving your property value. An attached deck is a great way to extend a dining room, kitchen, living room, or any other room of choice. 

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck normally touches two or more sides of the house and helps to create a large outdoor living area. You could also choose to add a roof to your wraparound deck.

Multi-level Deck

A multi-level or multi-tier deck is perfect for a home that isn’t perfectly level or has a sloped backyard. As the name suggests, a multilevel deck will have several separate decks on different levels that are then connected by a set of stairs. 

Platform Deck

A platform deck or detached deck isn’t attached to your home at all but instead creates a new feature in the middle of your backyard. This type of “island” deck is great for a home with uneven ground and helps to create a new seating space to host guests. Make your platform deck even better by running a pathway to it from the home. 

Swimming Pool Deck

Make your swimming pool easier to use and enjoy by installing a swimming pool deck. A deck is perfect for running around your pool as it has slip-resistant properties, unlike a tiled or concreted surface. You can make your swimming pool deck as big or small as you wish, and it must be maintained to reduce the risk of the wood splitting and causing splinters. 

Found a deck style that you like? At E&M Contracting, our team of expert deck builders in Toronto can help make your dream outdoor space a reality! 

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