When summer in Toronto gets hot, having a shady retreat is essential. What if you could enjoy the outdoors without melting under the sun? As trusted deck builders in Toronto, we can build your deck and other wooden structures, like benches, pergolas, privacy screens, fences, and more, into a haven of cool comfort. 

Once you’ve got your dream wooden structures in place, we recommend the following ideas to help you beat the heat in style!


Creating the Ideal Shade

Building the perfect shade is an art. Know how to balance style and function. We can build you a pergola, which not only provides shade but also adds elegance. Vines and creepers on a pergola make natural shade and look amazing.

Choosing Cooling Materials

Your deck’s surface matters. Some materials get too hot. For instance, natural wood absorbs less heat than composites. The choice of colours also plays a role. Lighter shades reflect heat and are cooler to the touch.

Create a Breeze Path

Allow natural breezes to flow through. We can design your deck with open sides to let the wind in. A well-placed screen can also direct breezes and offer extra shade.

Incorporating Greenery

Plants are a great way to add shade. We can craft a stylish lattice for the plants of your choice. This allows you to then plant tall shrubs and trees nearby, as the natural shade they offer is refreshing. You also get the benefit of lush greenery, which lifts your mood.


Furniture and Fabrics

While E&M Contractors does not directly supply outdoor furniture or fabrics, we do know that it is best to choose furniture that doesn’t heat up. Go for materials like teak or wicker. Fabric choice is also key. Opt for outdoor fabrics that resist fading and stay cool. We have professionals who can suggest the best options for Toronto’s climate.

Install a Retractable Awning

A retractable awning is a brilliant idea. It offers shade when you need it and retracts when you don’t. This flexible option allows you to control the amount of sunlight. 

Add a Splash of Water

A small water feature creates a cooling effect. The sound of water is also soothing. Placing a fountain, birdbath, or even a small pool on your deck can make a difference. 

Ceiling Fans and Misting Systems

Don’t underestimate the power of a breeze. Ceiling fans create airflow that cools the space. Install outdoor ceiling fans that match your deck’s style. Misting systems are also an option. They release a fine spray of water that cools the air.

Lighting for Evening Comfort

Toronto summer nights are perfect for lounging outdoors. The right lighting sets the mood. Explore lighting options that are cool and inviting.

Ready to embrace the Toronto outdoors? Find out how E&M Contractors, the high-end deck builders Toronto residents rely on, can create the perfect shady retreat on your deck. Enjoy the outdoors, no matter the heat!