Investing in a deck can be very exciting! Many homeowners dream of installing a deck that will allow them to spend more time outdoors and even enjoy a view! As an experienced deck builder in Toronto area, our team of professionals at E&M Contracting have built dozens of decks over the years. Listed below are our tips for achieving the deck of your dreams.

Divine Design

Before agreeing to the design of your deck, ensure that you really give it some thought, creating the design that is right for you. Key points to consider are size, shape, stairs, type of materials, etc. For example, when choosing between a wooden deck or a composite deck, it is helpful to understand the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of each material. More on that below.

Wooden decks come across as traditional and natural. In addition, the flexibility of this option is such that it can be customized to what each individual homeowner has in mind. Having the option to paint it a different colour at some point during its lifespan, this flexibility allows you to easily inject some new life into your existing deck.

On the other hand, another great option is a deck made from composite materials. Such structures are strong, durable, and mostly unaffected by moisture. Composite materials are also low maintenance. Most of the time all you have to do is hose your deck down and let it dry. 

Add Shade

If your deck has no shade, it can be very uncomfortable to spend long periods of time on your deck during the hot summer days. Putting up a bit of shade will definitely increase the amount of time you spend out there.

Think About Lighting And Seating

You want to make your deck as comfy and user-friendly as possible. We suggest looking into comfortable outdoor furniture that is quick-dry and easy to clean, as well as some outdoor lighting so that you can have friends over in the evenings and enjoy all your deck has to offer.

Ensure The Area is Private

Maybe you are not using your deck as much as you thought you would because you feel as though you are a bit on display. There are many ways to make your deck more private so that you can relax in peace and privacy.

Our team of professionals here at E&M Contracting will lead you through the entire process. With over 40 years of experience within the construction industry, we can get the job done right the first time! Browse our Projects Gallery and contact us today.