Renovations, no matter how big or small, add immense value to your property and can be lucrative if you decide to sell. One way to update your home is with a beautifully crafted deck. 

Before you secure quotations for deck builders in Toronto, you may find yourself questioning if it’s a useful addition to your home. With cooler months on their way, many of us are probably looking for ways to keep warm indoors, so is it worth it? 

Here are three ways you can enjoy your deck all year long.  

Gardening With a Purpose 

Depending on the size of your property and deck, you can plant trees around your house to block out the cold during winter.  

There are so many options available that will make summer light and breezy and help insulate the deck during the colder months. Trees also act as a privacy screen, allowing you to unwind and relax comfortably on your deck without prying eyes.  

Adding in Useful Amenities

If you have a large enough deck, a hot tub can be a practical way to make use of the space effectively. The advantage of having a hot tub is that you can use this during winter or summer. You also have the choice of a built-in one or a portable hot tub to suit your budget and needs.  

Another amenity you should consider is a wood-burning stove or pizza oven, as they are a great way to stay social outdoors during winter. These are no-fuss additions, which you will value throughout the year too. The benefit of having one built-in on your deck is that it will generate heat, keeping you and your guests warm.  

Cover Up Your Deck  

Building enclosures over your deck is the most effective way of keeping out the cold. You can prevent rain and snow from making their way onto the deck, which will help regulate the temperatures outdoors. With options such as pergolas or panelling, the possibilities for year-round use and enjoyment are endless!  

While snow, rain and chilling winds are uncomfortable to bear in winter, you can still make use of your deck year-round. 

When you are looking for reliable deck builders in Toronto to upgrade your home before winter this year, contact E&M Contractors. We offer expert workmanship, professional service and affordable packages with a difference.