There are many reasons to want to put up a fence around your property, from safety to privacy, or maybe even to improve your property’s aesthetics. As you embark on this decision to build a fence, it can be intimidating to know what you want and the different options available to you.

We have an industry leading team of professionals working at our company who specialize in constructing beautiful and practical fences in the greater Toronto area. Based on our experiences, we have decided to make your life a little easier by providing you with some inspiration for the new year.

Keep reading to learn about what we believe are the trends for custom fences this year.

A Chic Enclosure

Many people are beginning to realize that no matter how small their space is, there is always something that can be done to bring it to life. By using the right high-quality fencing materials that are able to withstand the Canadian climate, you can create your own little backyard oasis.

See an example here of how we were able to transform this property. Fencing can act as a perfect divider for any home, which carves out a stunning space to be decorated with outdoor lighting, artificial grass, tiling, and seating areas. Easily transform your space into one that you want to spend a lot more time in, with the added benefit of privacy for you and your family.

Safety Features

Adding a custom fence to enclose your pool is a definite must-have for families with small children and animals. Customised fencing is how you can keep your property on-trend while putting your family’s safety first.

Outdoor Showers

One of the very exciting trends coming out of last year is creating an outdoor shower space using fencing. No matter the material you end up going with, having a private space where you can enjoy a shower outside is a win.

This is another great addition for pool owners, so you and your children can rinse off before entering the house again. 

If either of these trends resonates with you, or perhaps you have an idea of what you want, reach out to us at E&M Contractors to see how our custom fence company in Toronto can bring your vision to life.