Most of us agree that wooden decks are visually pleasing. In addition to liberating homeowners who long for the outdoors, they add value to a home or commercial property.

This is why deck builders in Toronto are in constant demand. The design, materials, and maintenance of these wooden extensions ensure that they last for a very long time, allowing homeowners years of enjoyment!

Appealing Reasons Why Homeowners Seek Wooden Decks

Lifestyle Enhancement

Outdoor living, especially in summer, is a wonderful experience. In addition to your indoor set-up, you can create a dining or seating area on your deck. Playing and relaxing on a deck is also beneficial for pets and children.

Taking its natural form, wood is natural, eco-friendly (if it is sustainably sourced), warm underfoot, and smells amazing.

Architectural Aesthetics

Wood types and deck designs can be customized to match your home and create the look you desire, whether traditional, modern or rustic.

Wooden decks complement front gardens, enhance backyards, and conceal uneven or sloping terrain.

Flexibility and Long-Term Durability

An overhead canopy, metal or wood side panels, and even changing the tint of your sealer or stain will enable you to tailor a wooden deck to suit your needs.

Popular Deck Builder’s Decking Materials 

Pressurized Wood

The lumber (Canadian species include fir, spruce, and pine) has been treated to prevent rot. As a result, it is more resistant to decay and insects than regular lumber.

With other treatments, this wood will grade “ground contact,” so that it’s able to withstand being buried in soil.

Easily installed and maintained (reseal every 1-2 years), this material is affordable.


This lumber is highly durable and naturally resistant to termites, decay, and slips. Since this wood requires specialized skills, tools, and hardware, it is more difficult to build and more expensive.

A 1-2 year oiling cycle is recommended.

Cedar Wood

Compared to pressurized wood, this wood is softer. It has a beautiful tight grain and is naturally weather-resistant. In addition to requiring good drainage, it should not be buried in soil or cement.

The tannins in this wood can react with hardware, so corrosion-resistant fasteners, nails and screws are necessary to prevent stains and streaks. If the colour is not sealed or stained, it will darken in the sun within 1-2 years.

Due to its tendency to crack, cedar wood needs to be refinished every 2-3 years.

Your unique decking requires quality workmanship and skills. With over 30 years of experience, E&M Contractors has a team of expert deck builders in Toronto, ready to build you the deck of your dreams!

Our deck construction projects are outstanding because we use hardwoods and top-of-the-line metal fittings.

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